Welcome to Khaotic Inspirations
"Your one stop for fetish wear and kinky accessories."

Stop by and browse through our selection of men's and women's sexy fetish apparel and our fun accessories.

Gals, do you want to slip into a sexy bodycon dress or merge the eroticism of garter belts with the raw sexiness of "booty shorts" with our garter leggings?  Perhaps you'd like to frame your best features to sinful perfection with our Sweet Cheeks Chaps.  How about spicing things up with a lace-up leather skirt.  Better yet, let your naughty schoolgirl out with one of our plaid skirts.

Guys, lest you think we've forgotten you, check out our hot and sexy briefs, thongs, open-butt shorts, sissy wear and more.  We have plenty of ways for you to 'strut your stuff.'  As Mel Brooks once said, "If you got it, flaunt it!"

Looking for something a bit more "kinky?"  How about a night which will leave you feeling like a hot mess?  Come have a look at our forced orgasm belts and vibrating wands.  Guaranteed to make you go "OOhhhh, OOhhh, OOhhhhly Sh*t!"

We have something for just about everyone, so don't be shy, stop by and say hi.  We won't bite... unless you ask us to.

Since we don't sell online, check out our calendar of events to see when and where we will be coming to an event near you, or drop us a note via the "Contact Us" link.